Hi, I am Lubowa MP, and this is me in the photo.

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Three of my favourite quotes are:
“A candle never looses its light by lighting another candle”
“You are never too old to dream another dream”
“It’s easier to tear others down, than build yourself up”

I am just a regular guy who is hustling to make this online stuff work for me. I want to be able to quietly provide a good life for me and my family. There fore, I am not a guru in this make extra income online stuff. However, I have been hustling in this field for over 9 years, which has helped me build up a lot of PRACTICAL knowledge and earn extra income along the way, which has partly helped me provide for my family.

I still do my regular Job and also still a student (pursuing my PhD studies) while I work at building systems that can at least bring me passive income online.  Therefore, I believe that what I share on this website, You too can do it regardless of the current workload you have.

Here are some of my profiles at some of the popular internet marketing forums. You can see the join dates date back to 2007. (PS: On some of the above profiles, you will see that I have products I have written to help people make money online. BUT do not buy them. They are OUTDATED and I have not had the time to update them. This is a fast changing field. Things change at a rapid rate.The information in there no-longer applies.


I believe me and you are all candles that just need some lighting so that you too can make that Extra money which could help you to pay some bills, student loans or even take care of your loved ones. And I hope that as I share and document my journeys, failures achievements, reviews and recommendations with you, my knowledge and quest to learn and help more people will also be developed.

On this website, My sole aim is to inspire you and show you that it is possible to make that extra income. No matter what age you are, what level of education you have, your family background or where you live in the world, the internet is exploding with a lot of opportunities for regular guys like us. You are not to old to dream for a new and happy life. You can start now.

As I have said, I am not a guru and I do not claim to be an expert at every methods there are to earn extra money online. And I am not here to teach you anything. Rather, I am just here to learn and share as I learn.

However, throughout the 9+ years I have been hustling online, I have major strengths in:

  1. Building niche sites (Monetized with Amazon affiliate program, Click-bank and Adsense)
  2. SEO and ranking niche sites
  3. Kindle Publishing
  4. Facebook marketing
  5. I have been active in CPA and made some good money
  6. I have actively and profitably done FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon)
  7. Email marketing and listbuilding
  8. Product creation
  9. Blogging


I’m not here to teach, though will believe in sharing everything I know. I hope this website, my newsletter and Youtube channel will help aid me in sharing with you. If you need to ask me any question regarding the above specializations, do not hesitate to reach out to me. May be I could light the candle in you. It is not too late to dream another dream. Together, lets build ourselves up.

To your online success and prosperous life.

Lubowa MP

Lubowa MP extramoneytutorials.com







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